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    Professional Analysis the auto transportation of iron ore stacker conveyor belt

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    Iron ore stacker seat belt conveyor has a very broad application in iron ore beneficiation plant, in order to enhance the automation level of iron ore conveyor belt, the experts make use of a automatic cooling temperature within mine conveyor belt, theref

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The work principle of conveyor belt is mainly through rubbing to transport material on the seat belt in level or likely. The development direction of our upon ore stacker belt conveyor is to raise automation, decreasing manual labor pressure. Meanwhile, the actual role of iron ore conveyor belt to be much more obvious should be move long-distance, high-power, high volume, automating direction. Today we asked a experts with years associated with research in conveyor seat belt to talk about the technology ideas of conveyor belt around

Reporter: The application of conveyor seat belt is constantly expanding, how many factors can the current production position play?

Expert: there is nevertheless a large space in terms of advancement in improve the technology associated with conveyor belt. The overall performance of iron ore seat belt feeder value scores ninety in beneficiation. On one hand, based on the performance of current conveyor belt for iron ore, with advanced technically within two ways that geared electric motor drive and electric carol -driven,. On the other hand, with the enhancement of the technical, we still improve the quality of exploration conveyor belt.

Reporter: Conveyor belt mainly consists of framework, conveyor belt, belt spinning, tensioning devices, drives along with other components, there is a affect associated with productivity when improve the high quality of the belt

Expert: To make the pre- delivery turn out to be convenient and expanding the use of conveyor belt, for the purpose of growing the automation, we utilize conveyor as critical element parts. Iron ore the kind of raw material with high firmness, during the long convey function, the conveyor belt will certainly gradually warming, our objective is to make automatic air conditioning of belt come true although addition of a temperature sensor

Reporter: how to achieve automated cooling?

Expert: In simple words, is really a temperature alarm when over the prescribed value, the sprinkler system will drive sprinklers through the solenoid valve sprinkling The process of automatic cooling significantly improve the safety of metal ore belt feeder within transport process

Reporter: Technology and technology are main productive forces, thank you for the actual contribution to enhancing the amount of automation belt

Expert: This really is our mission, obligatory.

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