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    Frequent fault analysis and treatment of reversible mobile belt conveyor

    mobile conveyor seatbelt, reversible mobile conveyor seatbelt, movable conveyor belt

    The mobile conveyor seatbelt is a continuous conveyor managing equipment with high efficiency and also good mobility, mainly used regarding handling where the location often changing, we should learn about the frequent barriers of reversible portable conv

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Mobile conveyors belt works to transport the bulk and parts materials loading and unloading in short-distance. The portable conveyors belt is made of iron structure with beautiful physical appearance and good mobility. Convert device is made of electric drum, there are two kinds of going for walks round with steel rims and pneumatic tires, the particular tilt is adjustable while length of the belt above 15 meters

Mobile belt conveyor performance and main technological parameters have reached advanced amount of international, which with high-precision, hard face gear and also high load capacity, Endurance up to 10 years

What’s more, lifespan of belt up to a decade; the belt is more records structure that covers may be reduced by more than fifty percent; light weight with small sizing ( 50% reduction ). In order to meet the production requires of different customers, Shanghai Shibang machinery produced a new form of belt called reversible portable conveyor belt

As the conveyor belt has a broad and also irreplaceable role in the mining or prospecting, coal, metallurgy and other sectors, we should learn about the common boundaries of reversible mobile conveyor belt and its analytical digesting to ensure smooth production

Frequent fault analysis and treatment of conveyor belt:

1 . A great abnormal noise: The removable conveyor belt emitted unusual noise when drive implies, drive rollers, idler pulley and the idler group’s sound with abnormal abnormality, in order that the abnormal noise can be regarded according to equipment fault.

a couple of Noise when idler groupings eccentric roller seriously: The particular roller often occurs unusual noise when conveyor seatbelt running and associated with cyclical vibration. Especially for the returning idlers, because the length and also self-important. There are two major reasons for the abnormal noise. 1st, seamless steel pipe together with roller uneven wall fullness, generated a larger centrifugal push; Second, there is a large deviations between the processing center as well as the outer ends of the impact hole circle center, create a large centrifugal force. According to without damage to the impact can continue to with a little tones

3 broken shaft regarding reducer: broken shaft regarding reducer occurred in gear velocity shaft. We use the 1st stage of reducer because the speed shaft of straight bevel gear shaft in keeping

4 shorter life in the belt: the life of seatbelt relate with the belt top quality and the belt on use. Conveyor belt running sweepers should ensure reliable effortless on use, and presently there should without material simply no return belt

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