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    Ordinary cotton conveyor belt, Polyster cotton conveyor belt (CC,VC,TC)

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  • Item Name : Ordinary Cotton Conveyor Belt
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AKE Ordinary cotton conveyor belt, Polyster cotton conveyor belt

Cotton canvas is woven by cotton fibers both in warp and in weft,its elongation is relatively low,it is good in mechanical fastening and adhesion with rubber. Cotton conveyor belt has relatively small deformation under high temperature conditions, suitable for short-distance and light-load transportation of materials.

Polyester cotton conveyor belt is the upgraded product of cotton conveyor belt,and its tension resistant body is woven by polyester cotton fibers in warp and cotton fibers in weft.Its comprehensive physical and mechanical characteristics are obviously better than that of cotton conveyor blet,especially the belt body is thinner and lighter,the belt has better shock resistance and thus the belt has better use function and can reduce energy and material consumption for users.it is suitable for medium, short-distance and medium-load transportation of materials.

Features of Ordinary Cotton Conveyor Belt

Ordinary conveyor belt, also known as ordinary cotton canvas belt, suitable for short distances, transportation of materials under moderate load conditions. Products by cotton canvas (CC) or dipped cotton mixed slurry dimensional canvas (VC) or polyester (Polyster Cotton TC) by rolling, molding, curing and other refining processes.
The product is suitable for handling a variety of non-corrosive materials without spikes massive, granular, powder at normal temperature, a variety of bulk material .
Ordinary conveyor belt adapted to the requirements of different conditions can be made edging style, different structures open edge style, ladder type, side ladder type and so on.

Applications of Ordinary Cotton Conveyor Belt

Ordinary conveyor belt is widely used in building materials, chemicals, coal, electric power, metallurgy and other industries for conveying non spiked non corrosive massive, granular, powder at normal temperature , such as coal, coke, cement and sand, the bulk material etc... conveying the massive, granular, powder and other bulk materials, also be used for adult goods.

Specification parameter of Ordinary Cotton Conveyor Belt

Ordinary conveyor belt divided into cotton canvas (CC) conveyor belt, cotton mixed dimensional canvas soaked pulp (VC) conveyor belt, polyester (Polyster Cotton TC) conveyor belt.
(1) With a core material: Polyester / cotton interwoven cloth TC-70 type, cotton canvas CC-56 type, Polyster Cotton conveyor belt TC-70 type.
(2) Bandwidth: 100mm-3000mm
(3) Fabric layer :1-12 layer
(4) Cover glue: Face :1.5-9mm , non-face: 0mm-4.5mm

PARAMETER of Ordinary Cotton Conveyor Belt

Pabric Structuer
Fabric Specs
Strength Series
Warp Weft 2ply 3ply 4ply 5ply 6ply Upper Lower
Cotton (CC) Cotton (C) Cotton (C) CC-56 1.10 112 168 224 280 336 2~8 0~4.5 400~2200 ≤300
Polyester Cotton (CC) Polyester Cotton (CC) Cotton (C) TC-70 1.0 140 210 280 350 420 1.5~8 0~4.5 400~2200 ≤300

Specification and Technical Data Of Multi-Ply Cotton ,Polyester Cotton Conveyor Belt

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