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    Raised edge conveyor belt, clapboard conveyer belt, corrugated wall partitions conveying belt

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  • Item Name : Clapboard Conveyer Belt
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Raised edge conveyor belt, clapboard conveyer belt

Clapboard conveyer belt is also known as the corrugated wall partitions conveying belt, raised edge conveyor belt, it is composed by big obliquity sidewall belt, skirt edge, the baseband, rib, diaphragm of 3 parts. Ribs used for prevents material measured slide down. In order to bypass the drum, ribs design of corrugated wall partitions ; diaphragm is the role of the carrier material, in order to realize the large transmission angle, using T type, TC type. Corrugated sidewall conveyor belt edges and cross baffles are connected by two vulcanization method and baseband, height 60-500mm

Clapboard conveyer belt Baseband requirements

Clapboard conveyer belt baseband requires a certain tensile strength and abrasion resistance. Wherein the free edge of the partition leaving the conveyor belt, in order to adapt to the angle of the item to the requirements, belt vertical to horizontal softness, requires a certain rigidity.

Bulkhead conveying belt Baseband structure

Baseband is composed by upper covered in glue, lower covered in glue, with the core and the lateral rigid layer is composed of four parts. upper covered in glue thickness of 3-6mm; lower covered in glue thickness of 1.5-4.5mm, core material under tension, the material can be cotton canvas (CC) , nylon canvas (NN), polyester canvas (EP) or wire rope ST). In order to increase the baseband transverse rigidity, added special strengthening layer on the core body, called lateral stiffness layer. Baseband width specifications, is the same as ordinary tape.


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