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Pipe Conveyor Belt

Pipe Conveyor Belt(also called tubular conveyor belt) refers to the pipe belt conveyor supporting the use of, by means of a conveying force into a round tube shape in the whole transport line or part of the transport line belt. The pipe body with high strength canvas or wire rope as skeleton, with high strength, high wear resistance of high quality glue material for the upper and lower cover, when it is work will by the flat gradient in a U shape, finally rolled into a tube in order to implement enclosed transport.

Classification and structure of pipe conveyor belt

1, Pipe belt with fabric core and core for steel wire rope into two categories.
2,The fabric core pipe belt consists of one or more layers of rubberized canvas bonded together by way of a specific structure; steel wire rope core pipe belt from longitudinal with certain spacing of wire rope and transverse reinforcement according to the specific bonding.
3, Covering layer composed of specially designed cover glue and side glue composition.
4 According to the design and use requirements, between the core and the cover layer can be increased with the rubber elastic body or a lateral rigidity.

Tubular conveyor belt use and performance

Apply for coal, mining, ports, power, metallurgy, building materials and food industries there are strict requirements on environmental protection and the three-dimensional space bending required material conveying. Fully enclosed material conveying, material without dust, does not affected by natural conditions, does not affect the environment, can bend, large angle, and conveying material back and forth.


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