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    Patterned Conveyor Belt, chevron pattern, Strip pattern, Granular pattern conveying band

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  • Item Name : Patterned Conveyor Belt
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Patterned Conveyor Belt Features

Patterned conveyor belt is composed of a working surface with the pattern of cover rubber and non working surface inclination cover glue plane and the belt core conveyor belt. Patterned conveyor belt characteristics:

(1) With a core material: ordinary cotton canvas (CC), cotton and polyester blended fabric(CP), nylon (NN), polyester (EP), etc.
(2) The bandwidth : 300 ~ 2500mm.
(3) Patterned High: 5,10,15,20 mm.
(4) Features: suitable for angle 0 ~ 40 ° material conveying, prevent materials slip down.

Chevron Pattern Conveyor Belt


The surface of the belt body has higher than that of the "chevron" shape pattern, pattern can be open or closed, each kind of pattern can be divided into high, middle, low .


Suitable for ≤ 40 ° angle of powder, granular, small pieces of material conveying, it can also transport bagged materials.

Strip pattern conveying band


The surface have strip shape pattern higher than body, pattern is divided into high, medium, low , according to the arrangement pitch of each pattern can be divided into sparse, dense form.


Suitable for ≤ 30 degrees angle of horizontal transport packaging. If in case into a groove, can instead of chevron pattern.

Granular pattern conveying band


Belt surface has granular pattern higher than belt or concave embedded with the body, can also be made into square hole shaped pits or prismatic shape and texture.


Convex granular pattern suitable for soft packing material or need to have a grasp on material such as cardboard boxes or non-slip transportation. Concave granular pattern suitable for ≤ 45 degrees angle of transport.

Fan-shaped pattern Conveyor Belt


There was a half fan-shaped (or 1/4 circular) pattern in surface belt . When the tape into the groove pattern and scallop or semicircle Belong to high pattern class.


Suitable for ≤ 45 degree inclined conveying powder, granular and the bulk material. Lawn pattern, fish bone pattern, diamond lattice patterns, cross pattern, a mesh pattern, inverted triangle pattern, horseshoe pattern, sawtooth pattern, dot pattern, diamond pattern, pattern, texture, large round snakeskin pattern, wave pattern, washboard pattern, a shape pattern, fine straight pattern, pattern, tartan, golf Asia Optical pattern, coarse texture pattern, tartan to apply in the industrial field of different performance requirements of a different work environment.

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