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    Nylon Conveyor Belt, Resistant rubber conveyor belt, AKE rubber conveyor belt for sale

  • Brand Name : AKE
  • Item Name : Nylon Conveyor Belt (NN)
  • Quality System : ISO9001:2000, CE
  • Delivery Time : < 15 days
  • Place of Origin : Shanghai China
  • Rating : 4.5 score, 249 vote
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AKE Nylon Conveyor Belt Features

Nylon is one of the best quality synthetic fibers the rubber industry use nowadays. The nylon canvas is woven by nylon fibers both in warp and in weft, it is the most widely used fabric in rubber industry,and its outstanding merits are its high abrasion resistance,high tensile strength and good fatigue resistance. AKE Conveyor belts with nylon canvas inside have the characteristics of thin belt body ,high tensile strength,good shock resistance,good troughability,high adhesion between plies,splendid flexibility and long working life.Nylon conveyor belts are suitable for medium,long-distance and heavy-load transportation of materials,widely used in mining ,metallurgical industry and architectural industry,ports and etc.

1, The product is refined from nylon canvas by rolling, molding, curing and other processes.
2, With a good elasticity, impact resistance, wear resistance. Flexibility, easy to groove. Not easy to mildew corrosion. Large span ,can be transported over long distances.
3, The products meet the different requirements of the conditions of use, can be made into wrapping type, edge type, ladder type, side ladder type of different structure. According to the structure can be divided into ordinary stacked, and transverse reinforcement layer anti impact, anti tearing type.

AKE Nylon Conveyor Belt Applications

Nylon conveyor belt is widely used in mining, coal , chemical, metallurgy, construction, ports etc.. Nylon conveyor belt for conveying non-corrosive non-spiked massive, granular powder of a variety of materials, such as coal, coke, gravel, cement and other bulk material or items at normal temperature, transporting bulk density various massive, granular, powder and other loose material 6.5 ~ 2.5t/m3 the like, can also be used for conveying adult goods . Nylon conveyor belt than ordinary cotton conveyor belt, has higher strength, good flexibility, impact resistance, light weight, into a good groove, etc., which can effectively reduce the transportation cost, achieve high-speed, large-span, long distance transportation.

Nylon cord conveyor belt has a thin belt, high strength, impact resistance, good performance, interlayer adhesion strength, excellent flex and long service life, suitable for long distance transportation of materials under conditions of high load speed . Nylon conveyor belt not only have these advantages, the most important is that it is fast and convenient, greatly improving the efficiency and completeness of the work.

AKE Nylon Conveyor Belt Parameter

Pabric Structuer
Fabric Specs
Strength Series
Warp Weft 2ply 3ply 4ply 5ply 6ply Upper Lower







NN-100 0.75 200 300 400 500 600 1.5~8 0~4.5 400~2200 ≤250
NN-150 0.80 300 450 600 750 900
NN-200 0.90 400 600 800 800 1200 500~2200
NN-250 1.15 500 750 1000 1250 1500
NN-300 1.25 - 900 1200 1500 1800
NN-400 1.45 - - 1600 2000 2400
NN-500 1.55 - - 2000 2500 3000

Specification and Technical Data Of Multi-Ply Cotton ,Polyester Cotton Conveyor Belt

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