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    Large inclination conveyer belt, Large inclination conveying band, band conveyer

  • Brand Name : AKE
  • Item Name : Large Inclination Conveyer Belt
  • Quality System : ISO9001:2000, CE
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  • Place of Origin : Shanghai China
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Large inclination conveyor belt

Large inclination conveyor by the baseband, ribs, diaphragm is composed of 3 parts. Ribs are used for prevents material slide down. For ease of bypassing the drum, corrugated baffle edge design; diaphragm is the role of the carrier material, in order to achieve the large transmission angle, using T- TC type. File edges and cross baffles are connected by two vulcanization method and the base, has a very high connection strength. Fast installation, large conveying angle , small footprint, reduction of construction investment, flexible layout, small amount of maintenance, low energy consumption.

Product Features (ordinary type large angle corrugated sidewall conveyor belt)

1, increases the conveying angle (30 ~ 90 degrees);
2, small footprint, low investment;
3, large conveying capacity, high lifting height;;
4, from horizontal to inclined (or vertical) can be a smooth transition;
5, suitable for conveying easily spilled powder, granular, small block, paste and liquid-like material;
6, low energy consumption, simple structure, high strength adhesive tape, long service life.

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