AKE Conveyor Knowledge And Information

Transporting Coal and Loading Coal

often the coal stone transportation, recharging coal conveyor belts routine maintenance, the conveyor belts coal spill

Return Idler Roller

Flat Return Idler automatically prevents the belt from misalignment and protect the belt edges from damages...

Troughing Idler Roller

According to the application, it can be divided into self-training idler, troughing idler, flat idler.

Tail Pulley

Tail Pulley can be either a drive pulley or an idler pulley.

Bend Pulley

The surface treatment of the bend pulley can be smooth steel and flat rubber lagging.

Drive Pulley

Head/Drive Pulley is located at the discharge place of the conveyor.

Conveyor Pulley

Conveyor pulley is the main element providing the transmission of torque from the drive.

Wavy raised edge conveyor belt

The wavy raised edge belt conveyor is used in the port, metallurgy, mining, casting and chemical industry...

Fabric core conveyor belt Parameter

Fabric core belt has different tensile layer: Cotton Canva (CC) belt conveyor, Nylon(NN) Belt conveyor and polyester(EP)

Parameter of Rubber Conveyor Belt

Rubber Conveyor Belt Specifications, Parameter technical data of China AKE conveyor belt

Specifications of Steel Cord Conveyor Belt

Adhesion of Steel Cord, Number of Steel Cords, Standard Specifications...

Idler of belt conveyor

Idler is the most important part for the belt conveyor, high quality conveyor idlers of AKE ...

Chemicals conveyor machine

Powder tube chain conveyor is conveying powder,granular small block of bulk materials continuous conveyor equipment

Troughed Belt Conveyor, Trash Belt

For steep excavation work; it is ideal for basement excavating, utility contracting and other earth and material ...

Horizontal Belt Conveyor

The roller bed with deep troughed construction can carry “culled” or broken glass, cans, wood chips, aluminum...

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