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  • Brand Name : AKE
  • Item Name : Buffer Roller Idler
  • Quality System : ISO9001:2000, CE
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Buffer Roller Idler Features

Impact idler (also called Buffer Roller, Impact Roller, Buffer Idler) used for belt conveyor's feeding place by blanking the impact of slowing, mainly for coal washing, coking plants, chemical plants and other corrosive environments, its toughness is 10 times more than ordinary metal, life is five times than traditional column shoes, corrosion retardant, antistatic, light weight and other characteristics, widely used in mining. Idler roller body specialized polymer materials, their mechanical properties similar to bronze, with good abrasion resistance, and has a good self-lubricating properties, not to hurt the belt. Excellent corrosion resistance impact idler. Roller body and seals are produced by polymer materials, corrosion-resistant. In corrosive use, their service life can reach more five times than the normal idlers.

AKE Buffer Roller Idler

Impact buffer idler of light weight, small rotational inertia. Idler special polymer materials with light weight, the proportion is 1/7 than steel, its made of this material, the weight is about 1/2 of the ordinary roller, rotary inertia small, friction between the roller and the belt is small.

Impact idler mounted below the feed conveyor segments affected, reduce impact when material drop down, to extend the service life of the conveyer belt. Impact idler spacing is generally 100-600 mm. In the installation of impact idler, One is to increase the density; Second, regular inspection , timely replacement of damaged idlers.

We AKE, according to customer requirements to develop the production of different types of idler. We produce idler which is flexible and reliable operation, can effectively reduce the friction with belt and idler. it is plays a key role in the life of conveyor belt.

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