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Features of Conveyor Transmission Drum, Conveyer Driving Drum

The power transmission part of belt conveyor. The surface of the transmission drum are bare steel surface, Chevron and diamond pattern rubber cladding. Low power, low bandwidth and can be used the bare steel surface when in a dry environment. Chevron pattern surface friction coefficient, slip resistance and drainage is good, but there are directional. Diamond rubber surface for two-way run of belt conveyor.

The transmission drum is the main part of power transmission belt conveyor, and its way to drive belt conveyor is single drum, double drum and multi-drum . Single drum used for the power is not too large of conveyor, such as coal ground transportation and coal beneficiation plant, etc.. Underground belt conveyor generally adopts double drum, so that the conveyer has the advantages of compact structure.

Conveyor Transmission Drum, Conveyer Driving Drum Maintenance method

For the transmission drum dust to be cleaned regularly.
For the drum shell and the end cover is firmly welded to do regular inspection.
To maintain good lubrication of driving drum, reduce the friction of the driving drum damage.
Must avoid the transmission drum overload operation, to extend its service life.

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