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    AKE Belt conveyor, the most dazzling star in stone quarry

    AKE large-scale belt conveyor with the capacity more then 800tph ...

    a lot of high quality equipment is needed in the stone production line, but the stone belt conveyor plays a unique role in all the equipment, and the application of high and new technology makes the characteristics of belt conveyor more obvious and also m

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With the pace of social development faster and faster, the development of the cities is also speeding up especially rises in the construction industry, so the demands of the stone increase continuously, which attract more and more investors into the stone industry. Of course, the stone production line needs a lot of high quality equipment on support, such as stone belt conveyor, crusher, grinding mill, vibrating screen points equipment and so on, which play an important role in running smoothly of the stone production line, their high efficiency directly affects the benefits of the production line.

In all these devices, the importance of the belt conveyor is more and more significant, because the belt conveyor equipment is larger and larger, and high and new technology reflects more and more obviously on the conveyor, more flexible and smarter. Now the high and new technique which can tension the conveyor belt automatically is adopted generally to monitor the belt conveyor with a dynamic analysis, mechanical and electrical integration as well as the computer monitoring technology, which saves manpower and financial resources greatly with a more stable equipment operation and continuously increasing efficiency. The convenience and intelligence of the technology have reflected perfectly in regional stone production line, while the efficiency compared with the past has been significantly promoted whether in Oman, India, Peru and other places, especially with the emergence of new type belt conveyor and large throughput which bring more benefits to investors. It is enough to reflect the importance of professional belt conveyor to the stone production line.

On the other hand, detection system of the belt conveyor now can find and solve the problems existing in the belt conveyor timely, which can enhance the security and extend the service life greatly. It almost reaches the highest level of conveyor design and reduces the transportation cost of conveyor, whose result is exciting to the entire transportation equipment industry.

We learn from above that the development of belt conveyor is growing by leaps and bounds, and this of course can’t do without the efforts of all people in the industry, which is something to pursuit for investors as well as manufacturers. High efficiency is a enduring theme, and although the large belt conveyor has made such a proud achievement, it still needs constant progress, because innovation is the only source of development, we believe tomorrow of the transportation industry will be better and better.

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