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    Intelligent Conveyor Belt Machine Simply Meet the Demand of Transporting Coal and Loading Coal with

    often the coal stone transportation, recharging coal conveyor belts routine maintenance, the conveyor belts coal spill

    the intelligent belt conveyor used in coal is restructured on the basis of the standard belt conveyor in coal production by SBM planners, control precision, the inductance is strong. It can remedy the problem, such as coal leak, coal stone transportation

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China, as being the country who has plenty of coal resource in the world, its coal industry development speed is definitely considerable, various kinds of coal mining equipment has been upgraded in addition to improved constantly. After half-year of investigation and examine and on the basis of scrutiny and analysis about the coal industry, the National Coal Industry Bureau put forward a few solutions to solve the problem inside coal mining. it emphasized the production safety, especially pay attention to the coal conveying system’s effectiveness in the mine, the Institution think that the coal seat belt conveyor maintenance decides often the service life of the entire sign system, all sorts of equipment routine maintenance in the mine also ascertains the coal production in addition to safety.

Those solutions remedy the problems in the mine, beneath trend of the development of the science and modern technology; the intelligent belt conveyor system followed. the system is restructured seeing that production line in the substantial mine by the SBM planners, installed four controlling heart, 4 sets of videos segmentation, 20 monitoring probe device, make every seat belt on the production line managing all the real-time monitoring by central control system, the training course is composed of sensor and PLC, avoid the man-operation failure correctly. And the automatic coal conveyor controls more precise, the item greatly reducing the coal spill, improve the continuity connected with coal processing, safety along with the quality of finial solution.

Coal exploiting determines the output of the coal, and the coal utilization efficiency, also ascertains the consumption of coal resources by some aspects. The solution is likewise pointed out that “common coal include things like lignite, bituminous coal in addition to anthracite coal and carbonaceous coal, etc . the coal stone as a product connected with coke burning coal, the item needed specific coal advertising system, to solve the lack of resource utilization in coal use. ”At present, quite a few large coal application team in the domestic and unknown, not enough emphasis on the jewel coal, did not achieve suitable effect, the automatic coal conveyor belt machine is usually made of sensor devices this easily detected and sorting out of the stone coal, reusing after the transportation and spliting up.


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