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    Belt Conveyor Production Line, Conveyor System, Belt Conveyor Transportation Line

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Belt Conveyor Production Line Features

Belt Conveyor Production Line (called the Conveyor System, Belt Conveyor Transportation Line, belt line), also known as belt conveyors, belt conveyors or belt conveyor is composed of rhythmic flow line indispensable economic conveying equipment.

A belt production line belongs to the belt line,is a system that using a continuous movement conveying material. Belt production line is mainly composed of conveyor belt, driving device, transmission roller, roller, tensioning device. Conveyor belt is an annular closed form, both transport and carrying functions. The transmission drum depend on friction drive conveyor belt movement. Conveyor belt length by many roller support, and a tensioning device for tensioning.

Belt Conveyor Production Line Applications

Belt conveyor production line according to the transport capacity can be divided into the heavy-duty conveying line (such as mine belt conveyor), light-duty conveying line (such as used in plastic electronics, food industry, chemical and pharmaceutical industries).

Heavy-duty belt conveyor line belt conveyor has strong conveying capacity, long conveying distance, simple structure and easy maintenance, easy to implement process control and automation. Generally used outdoors, mines, quarries, etc.

Light belt conveyor line with conveyer belt continuous or intermittent motion to transport goods or powder, complete granular goods, high speed, stable operation, low noise, and can be on the downhill transport. Generally located in the internal plant production.

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