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Plate Conveyor Introduce

Chain conveyor: also known as chain plate conveyor, chain plate line. Our AKE mainly product two kinds of chain conveyor at present, one kind is with chain, shaft and metal plate composed of conveyor chain conveyor; another is belt with a chain bending metal plate and the metal plate conveyor belt made of chain conveyor. We also have special types customized according to customer requirements.

 Application Of Chain Plate Conveyor 

Chain plate conveyor is applied to the heavy transportation, commonly used in all kinds of motorcycle, automobile assembly conveyor line and welding conveyor, various types of brakes, engine chain conveyor, plate chain, the starter motor, magnetic electric door, generator chain conveyor chain plate conveyor, electric welding machine scraper chain conveyor assembly, etc.

Features Of Chain Plate Conveyor

Chain Plate Conveyor Machine

1, Wide applicable scope. In addition to the viscosity of the material is particularly large, solid material and pieces are commonly available transport.

2, Large conveying capacity.

3, High-intensity traction chain, can be used for long distance transportation.

4, Flexible transmission line layout. Compared with net belt conveyors, chain conveyor can be in large dip Angle and the smaller bending radius under the condition of transportation, so the layout flexibility is bigger. Chain plate conveyor inclination up to 30 ° -35 °, the bending radius is generally about 5-8m.

5, In the transportation process can be classified, drying, cooling or assembly, and other processing technology.

6, Smooth and reliable operation.

Plate Conveyor Parameter

Model Width Transport Speed Bulk Density Capacity Conveyor Length Installation Angle
PC Series 50-800 mm 0.5-10 m/min 0.1-1.8 t/m3 10-200 m3/h 10-80m 0°-30°
SC Series 60-1600 mm 0.5-80 m/min 0.2-2.6 t/m3 20-800 m3/h 10-100m 0°-30°

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