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  • Brand Name : AKE
  • Item Name : Small Belt Conveyor
  • Quality System : ISO9001:2000, CE
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  • Place of Origin : Shanghai China
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Small Belt Conveyor Feature

Different from the stationary belt conveyor, small belt conveyor mainly used in chemical, electronic, food processing and other industries. With small transport capacity, low speed , stable operation, etc. The main specifications have 400mm, 500mm, 600mm, 800mm, the height determined in accordance with actual production.

Small Belt Conveyor Applications

Small belt conveyor is a kind of conveyor for food, chemical, pharmaceutical, warehouses, and other industries. With a light load, line speed low , and can be continuous transportation of materials. With white or green food grade conveyor belt , durable, clean and sanitary. In the selection of design, is based on other transportation capacity and transmission distance (including horizontal length and height) after checking calculation selection.

Small belt conveyor can effectively conveying bulk material, the groove angle conveyor, can carry smaller particle , less abrasive, applied in light industry, chemical industry, food processing, grain and other bulk material transport.

Transport packaging and piece goods, such as food processing bags of food, fruit and vegetable processing in whole fruits and vegetables, as well as parts machining parts delivery can play a good role.

Small Belt Conveyor Parameter


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