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    Slat Conveyor Line for sale, Chain Slat Conveyor Line feature, application, technical specification

  • Brand Name : AKE
  • Item Name : Slat Conveyor Line
  • Quality System : ISO9001:2000, CE
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  • Place of Origin : Shanghai China
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Slat Conveyor Line Introduce

AKE Slat Conveyor Line can be under high load, long distance transmission; Chain plate can form of straight chain plate or turning straight chain plate. 

The main structure material using carbon steel or galvanized, clean room and food industry made of stainless steel. Common chain slat conveyor: stainless steel slat conveyor, plastic steel plate slat conveyors, turning slat conveyor, heavy chain slat conveyor, flat carbon steel chain conveyor.

Slat Conveyor Line feature

domestic appliance slat conveyor line

1, Slat conveyor, transmission surface flat and smooth, small friction, material in a smooth transition between the conveyor line, can transport all kinds of glass bottles, PET bottles, cans and other material, also can transport all kinds of bags.

2, Chain plate, stainless steel and engineering plastic material, a wide variety of specifications, could be selected according to the conveying material and process requirement, can satisfy the needs of different industries.

3, Generally a scraper slat conveyor can directly flush or invasion bubble in the water. Equipment easy to clean, which can meet the requirement of food, beverage industry.

4, Layout of equipment is flexible. Can be done on a transmission line level, tilt and turn.

5, The Slat Conveyor equipment has simple structure, smooth operation, convenient maintenance.

Slat Conveyor Line Application

TV, air conditioning, fridge slat conveyor line

Our Slat Conveyor Line is widely used in diesel engine, household appliances, food, industrial electronics, automobiles, motorcycles, engines, assembly and transportation industries. It can satisfy the company automatic transmission, grading packing and so on. It is the most commonly used automated assembly line production equipment and coating production line equipment.

Slat Conveyor Line Technical Specification

Slat Conveyor Machine can be customized, customer specified parameters, common parameters are as follows:

Width: 50-1200 - mm

Height: 40-1000 - mm

Chain plate material: stainless steel, engineering plastic, etc., can be galvanized, chrome plating, rubber coating processing

Plate chain speed: 0.5-10 m/min, constant speed or frequency control of motor speed

Using power: single-phase 220 v three-phase 380 v, 50 hz

Driving mode: gear motor drive, electric roller drive

Maximum weight delivery items: 800kg/m2

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